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About Us

Ai Bloks provides enterprise-grade LLM-based development framework, tools, fine-tuned models, and services to integrate semantic + generative AI in a seamless for retrieval augmented generation (RAG). For developers and enterprises to use Generative AI to deliver real business value, they need to connect their knowledge to AI. Customers can go from enterprise data to generative AI in minutes. We open source LLMWare, which is a cohesive, integrated, extensible framework for retrieval augmented generation. LLMWare contains key components such as ingesting data, embedding vectors, creating datasets, connecting and inferencing model, and auditing and analytics. ​

We have a world-class services team to help enterprises implement related LLM-based apps on top this foundation in a structured, well-defined methodology. Our technology and business professionals have extensive experience developing and deploying complex software at large and small enterprises.  We aim to deliver technology innovation to help developers and organizations leverage the latest AI technology in simple and practical ways to make a positive impact on their business. 


The Leadership Team

Darren Oberst

Chief Executive Officer

Namee Oberst

Founder & Chief Product Officer

Jessica Berliner

Head of Engineering

Peter Tran

Head of Marketing

Jeff Turnham

Chief Architect

Contact Us

Ai Bloks LLC
1297 E. Putnam Ave. #1011
Riverside, CT 06878

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