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Build Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) Systems in Minutes


Coherent, integrated LLM development framework to instantly connect knowledge to AI

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An Innovative Approach

For enterprises to use Generative AI to deliver real business value, they need to connect their knowledge to AI.
 Ai Bloks integrates Information Retrieval (Semantic AI) with Generative AI in seamless business-driven workflows so enterprises can build evidence-based AI apps.

Introducing READ-GPT

Ai Bloks' innovative LLM that reads business documents for you.



Ai Bloks’ specialized state-of-the-art 7-billion parameter language model that Reviews, Extracts, Analyzes, and Deciphers large volumes of texts and generates AI output.

  • Included OUT OF THE BOX with our platform. Make inferences at NO additional cost.

  • Hosted in your PRIVATE cloud for greater CONTROL and SECURITY.

  • Quality comparable if not BETTER than popular LLMs without spending hundreds of thousands of $ to train.


Trusted by the World's Leading Technology Advisors

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The Use-Case Possibilities

There are almost limitless possibilities that can be built on the LLMWare foundation Here are some top Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) use cases.

Contract analysis

Contract Analysis

Extract key terms and their values from contracts and documents. Fact check and export all values in a report.

ESG analysis

ESG Analysis

Measure ESG characteristics from company disclosures and news articles for research and trend information.

Financial research

Financial Research

Generate first drafts of research reports with summaries and key findings across 1000s or more  files.


Investigation/ Discovery

Find key terms using exact-word search or semantic search across 1000s or more documents.


Information Retrieval

Use semantic search to easily find and summarize enterprise knowledge from your corpus of unstructured data.


Dialog Analysis & Text Classification

Summarize key topics from call transcripts and other documents. Apply sentiment analysis to text.


Compliance & Risk Management

Produce evidence-based reports for compliance filings. Mask PII as needed.


Regulatory Controls

Automate document-based controls processes.


Sales Productivity

Extract insight from 1000s or more transcripts to assess effectiveness of sales calls.

Why Ai Bloks

Underlying our AI platform is an engineering and business philosophy of building technology that is easy to use, scalable, and cost effective.



No Vendor Lock-In

Allow customers ultimate choice, e.g. swappable datasets, vectors, and models. Help users “future-proof” their deployments.


No Code

Deliver the easiest UI/UX while providing powerful AI capabilities that rival some of the most sophisticated AutoML platforms.


Extreme Scale

Assume customers have millions of files. Process with elastic cloud workers that are expandable behind the scenes.


API First

Make everything accessible through APIs and easily integrate with other AI pipelines.



Public or Private Cloud

Provide capabilities through a fully managed SaaS or deploy on a customer’s private cloud for extra security.



Protect data in motion and at rest. Comply with SOC standards and procedures. Provide options to mask personal identifiable information (PII).



Log essential transactions and activities. Provide multiple methods to view and report on history and evidence.


Get Started


We look forward to demonstrating how our pipelines fit in your organization and add value.

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