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Semantic Search is the Gateway to AI-ing Your Organization

What’s more important than absorbing the knowledge of the organization that you work in? If it’s unrealistic to absorb all that information, perhaps the next best thing is to have it at your fingertips. Better yet, use semantic search, or natural language like “where are all our office locations?” to retrieve the information that you’re looking for.  

With all the hype around AI recently, business and technology transformation leaders are more excited than ever to find ways to leverage AI to deliver value for their organization. The answer is right under their noses. More specifically, there are piles of files in their repositories that are just waiting for AI. Let’s see how they can achieve this quick, yet significant win. 

Boiling the ocean to implement an old-fashioned knowledge management system is so yesterday and oh so costly. Trying to retrieve knowledge by opening one document at a time is not very productive and very frustrating, even if you know where the files are located. Instead, AI your documents, or encoding it with the right AI ingredient, so that an AI-powered search UI can key on these codes and deliver the right answer in seconds. 

In AI parlance, this is called embedding vectors. You can code your files with a variety of popular embeddings, such as Bert, Roberta, and GPT-3. These embedding models are readily available on communities like Huggingface and PyTorch. Open AI also recently released their GPT-3 embedding vectors to the public. Sounds easy enough but you’ll likely need an AI scientist or developer to do some coding to get the job done. 

Enter no-code AI. What if you can achieve with a few clicks of a button and in just a few minutes what would normally take days if not weeks. With Ai Bloks, you can do just that. Simply point to your file repositories, and Ai Bloks does all the heavy lifting. In the background, we’ll decompose your data and prepare it for AI-powered searches. That’s all you need to do with Ai Bloks to use our Search UI to execute semantic searches. That is a very quick win to deliver immediate value to your organization! 

EnbeddingsYou may choose other options to fit your needs. Select from a variety of other embedding vectors as I’ve mentioned earlier; each one has their unique advantages. It’s quick and easy. Simply select from our catalog of embeddings and let the system grind it out. You can also choose from a selection of Ai Blok’s unique industry expert model accelerators like Insurance, Financial Services, Legal and Compliance. All are intended to deliver fast results and minimize deployment risks. 

You may also choose to use your own Search UI. If so, simply connect to our pipeline API and query and receive results. It’s a fantastic way to insert semantic search into any of your business apps. 


Want to see a demo with your organization’s own data? Let us know.