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Ai Bloks No-Code AI Platform

End-to-end integrated capabilities to rapidly build Evidence-based enterprise AI applications.

Knowledge Ingestion
With accuracy and scale
Semantic AI
Vector embeddings and info retrieval
Generative AI
Content generation from retrieval of knowledge

Integrated_data_managementIntegrated Data Management

AI-designed data model and tools to automate and scale AI applications

flexible_model_managementFlexible Model Management

Open extensive framework for seamlessly integrating dozens of models

Deployed as “headless API” or no-code UI. Available as public cloud or private cloud. Get started in just minutes.

Knowledge Ingestion


Data Extraction & ParsingAutomated, accurate, high-performance patent-pending document parsers. Integrated OCR capability to process embedded images in PDFs.

Repository ConnectorsPre-built connectors for major cloud repositories, making synchronization simple.

Elastic Cloud Workers – Parallelized processing enables massive scale-up and scale-down; capable of rapidly scaling millions of files to accommodate the largest enterprise knowledge bases.

Semantic AI


Popular Embedding Models Out-of-the-box state-of-the-art models; pick the right one for your data.

Ai Bloks Pre-Trained Models - Also available are several Ai Bloks pre-trained industry domain models that accelerate deployments, including Asset Management, Life Insurance, General Financial Services and Legal.

Fine-tune Embedding Models Point-and-click dataset creation and embedding model fine-tuning using state-of-the art self-supervised mechanisms.

Easy Change Management - Compare and evaluate effectiveness of different models in a test lab before deployment.  Swap embedding models as needed with the click of a button; avoid vendor lock-in.

Generative AI


Business Template Prompts - Takes prompt engineering and instruction tuning to a completely higher-level using AI Blok’s exclusive easy-to-create no-code business templates. Reusable, editable, and applicable across large scale knowledge bases. Generates first drafts research and analytical deliverables with “AI answers” and evidence.

Semantic + Generative Workflow - Powerful, configurable tools to enable workflows involving both semantic information retrieval and generative AI.  Model-agnostic and allows model swapping without impacting the workflow.

Automated AI Audit Trails - Automatically capture, track, and evaluate AI output results, based on evidence, and multi-faceted error checking, with common support across all models and user feedback and ratings.

Integrated Data Management


Bloks Data Model - Core “normalization” data model that includes embedding vectors, making data ready for engagement with Generative AI.

Knowledge Graph - Graphically represents the linkages between topics with fully transparent details on the statistics and potential biases in a large corpus.

Dataset Creation - Package ingested knowledge bases into one of 16+ out-of-the-box datasets in a self-supervised manner.

PII Handling - Multiple configurable tools for identifying and masking key named entities and other potentially sensitive information across raw documents and datasets.

Private Cloud Option - All data can be stored in private cloud without any public cloud access.

Flexible Model Management


Model Abstraction Layer - Manage models through a framework that abstracts the complexities and nuances of any particular model - open to support new models and enable rapid change and avoid being lock-in to any one model.

Generative, Embedding and Text Classification Models - Supports public and open-source models including Anthropic, Jurassic, OpenAI, Cohere, as well as proprietary Ai Bloks models.

Topic Classification - No-labeling customizable topic classification framework for rapidly clustering and classifying text to specific parameters.

Ai Bloks Models - We offer Out-of-the-box pre-trained industry domain embedding models to accelerate deployments. We also offer out-of-the-box “business analyst” generative models tuned for evidence-based critical reading skills.

Model Fine-Tuning - All models available in easy-to-use no-code end-to-end automated ML framework for fine-tuning to achieve domain adaptation.

Private Cloud Option – Ai Bloks models do not depend upon any public cloud API – and are available for private cloud deployment.